point the webfinger at me

I now have a well-formed, well-known Webfinger setup at https://nathan.freitas.net/.well-known/webfinger 30 years ago, in my early introductions to Unix at the UC Santa Barbara Micro Computer Lab, one of the first commands I learned was “finger”. This was a way to lookup another person by username on any system on the network. Glad to see… Continue reading point the webfinger at me

What the dApp?

A reporter asked me these questions the other day, and I quickly banged out this response. I thought it was interesting enough to share with all of you. What are dApps and how do they work? A dApp is a decentralized application that provides a specific function, that you are in control of, and not… Continue reading What the dApp?

Frolicking in the Fediverse

I am attempting to activate the WordPress ActivityPub Plugin on my good old-fashioned RSS blog, so that I can finally, properly enter the Fediverse. Of course, you’ve been able to subscribe to this blog using a good old-fashioned RSS feed since day one, but now, you can also follow me on the Mastodon instance of… Continue reading Frolicking in the Fediverse

“Click here to break the firewall” is a concept whose time has past

To defend against China online and break their censorship, you need to face them everywhere, in many ways, and secure the broader internet. This post was written in support of the value that the Open Technology Fund has provided to oppressed people in China, exile communities and the entire world over the last 8 years. […]

A Berkman-Klein Center Tale: From Fellows Hour to Funding!

This week, Mozilla and NSF announced the winners of their Wireless Innovation for a Network Society (WINS) challenge. After designing and prototyping for many months, my team at Guardian Project won the fourth grand prize for our work on “Wind” off-grid communication networks. This being a challenge mostly focused on deployment of post-disaster communications infrastructure, […]

#Print4Bassel A Participatory Memorial

Tragic news, shared a few days ago by the #NEWPALMYRA project: Yesterday we received the devastating information that #NEWPALMYRA founder Bassel Khartabil was unlawfully executed by the Syrian regime. Needless to say, along with all of the international community whose lives he touched, we were shocked and saddened to learn of the outrageous, unwarranted, extrajudicial […]

Combating “Fake News” With a Smartphone “Proof Mode”

Reposted from the Guardian Project blog We have been working for many years with our partners at WITNESS, a leading human rights media training and advocacy organization, to figure out how best to turn smartphone cameras into tools of empowerment for activists. While it is often enough to use the visual pixels you capture to create […]

Message me on Keybase

I’ve started using Keybase Chat, and I am really enjoying it. It combines Slack and Dropbox, with end-to-end encryption, all without needing a phone number or “real name”. Send me a message and say hello! At Keybase we collectively use and love WhatsApp, Signal, Slack, and iMessage, to name a few. However, in all those […]

Getting Signal on a PocketCHIP

I’m a big fan of the NextThingCo and their $9 CHIP computer for the simultaneously radical and practical approach to hardware manufacturing and low cost computing. Being a fairly early backer of their crowdfunding effort, I was able to get the super fun PocketCHIP dock/case/shell, as well, which looks like a cross between a Blackberry and a Gameboy, with […]